Since the begging and together with our client "PROSCAI" at México City, we made the decision to focus our effort on a new market, the sale of Organic Cosmetics online. 
Mexico being rich in natural products has very few physical stores of organic products, so the consumer seeking personalized assistance ends up doing a scouting online or in bazaars. There are places where you can buy organic products but they are very few and most are imported. Many products are currently used with petroleum ingredients, which harm health but are used because they are cheaper. Consumers are beginning to notice.

So we trace this business objectives:
With "Daily Bot" users were able to partake in a selling experience the average websites never gets to see.​​​​​ So with that in mind we looked for:
- Improve the experience of buying organic cosmetics online
- Measure the impact that can have on the different profiles that consume them.
- Help organic cosmetics retailers sell with the use of emerging technologies.​​​​​​​
UX Process:
Once we defined our objective, we follow mainly these steps:

- Benchmark and Competitive Analysis
- Creation of a Proto Person
- We established Investigation objectives
- We created Hipotesis about Users to be tested
- User Research with 4 different women
- Define a Potential Solution
- We prototype and make User testing with 3 versions
- Final Version of Daily Bot
- We defined Next Steps to follow for PROSCAI

Benchmarking and Competitive Analysis
We analyze companies that have similar national, international, or other online sales formats and are developing innovative technologies,
We discover that:
- The ignorance towards organic cosmetic products by Mexicans means that they can not compare costs against foreign products. 
- Mexican brands for being local can lower their prices more compared to brands like Lush.
- To promote sales, the beauty sector is focusing on creating the best physical experience in conjunction with emerging technology.​​​​​​​
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