AT&T Mexico First Design System & AEM Components Design
UI & UX, Components Prototyping
for 2018 Redesign

I worked almost a year to create the first Design System for AT&T Web Digital Team. The final version changes a lot but here you can take an idea. 

For the Adobe Experience Manager components with only two people from the corporative quarters it takes us another Year to finish only a version for Deployment Stage and have it ready to be content validation.

Translate AT&T brand promise, strategy, and design language into world-class design.

Transform complex ideas into simple visual form, working form, without existing assets.

Apply a diverse range of visual styles and design aesthetics where needed.

Display excellent out-of-site team management and time management skills and lead design team to complete tasks.

or in other words:

Lead the Design team at the Corporative Marketing Operations Department as:

UX Specialist, UI Designer, Project Management, Web Design Lead, Content Facilitator, while Stakeholders presentations and speeches, Web Team Workshops, IT to Compliance Departments Boards of understanding and Accessibility Testings.

- Project monitoring, planning and constant communication with Adobe Brasil Teams and Agencies.

- UX Research

- Definition of the conceptualization from an Atomic Design point of view and wireframe processes.

- UI design of the elements, templates, components, pages with different screens following functional criteria and guidelines.

- Architecture of Information.

- Stakeholders and respective departments content validations. 

- Development of navigable prototypes and interactions.

- Iterate, fix and start over and over again
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