Sleeve Tattoo Design
Tattoo Artist Maker by @erikatrinatattooart
Tattoo Design by me

Like any other Sleeve Tattoo, this is a collection of smaller tattoos, that has a unified theme, the main idea is to cover most or all of the arm, from shoulder to wrist.

Creative tattoo artists, ideate a custom tattoo designing piece by piece the complete sleeve. I worked directly with Erikatrina, the tattoo maker to make the correct positions and color decisions.

First, idealize, know the person ideas, what is the value that the person is searching, what mental  concept is involved, also the color and thickness of the skin is important at this point, then some sketches by separated pieces taking care of the difficult and easy spots for the tattoo maker like the elbow, or the forearm, then present the design and iterate as many times as necessary,  at last dialog the final colors.

Design Creative Dario Espinosa 
Tattoo Artist Maker @erikatrinatattooart
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