"Find balance in an Unbalanced World"
About the Project
The Oola Guys Dr. Dave Braun and Dr. Troy Amdahl, Want us to convert its awarded book and life philosophy into a new experience for users' enrollment within a website and an application. 

In the beginning, they didn't know exactly where to start. They only knew that they wanted everything online, so I worked closely with Dave for a month to gather its ideas and define two products, a website and a web app with eLearning sections and enrollment included.

Objectives of the Project
The creation of a Website and application where they can offer an experience to people living in the USA that is searching for balance in their life; they will offer a payment plan that will lead us through the Oola philosophy; every step has its tasks to achieve during the 7 Key Areas: fitness, finance, family, field (career), faith, friends and fun.
Main Goals
Create an MVP Website Platform where the people could enroll themselves.

Ambassador and Coach roles are needed, with login, articles to read per unit, and activities to measure progress tracking like long term, monthly, or weekly goals, plus three daily Action Steps and Weekly retrospectives, showing a dashboard at the main profile page
Secondary goals
Doable daily action steps and habits
Built-in accountability
Progress Tracking
Awards for every amount of streaks
Straight Forward goal-setting
Easy Plan payment
Target audiences
30 to 60 Female, interested in personal development, networking, home, and young living. Owning a smartphone with high technological literacy
References from the client


The Oola Guys wanted to create a website and an application that works together. So one of their primary user journeys was decided to start at the web page's enrollment and somehow finish at the application. 
The Oola Guys consider The Mind Valley website and app as an indirect competitor. They like the page context described around the texts and the idea of a future structure like the one that mind valley has.

The Oola Guys want to focus the frontend development efforts on interactive and animations experience. Take a look at the websites listed before for references.

Oola had organic growth because they have a lot of domains with different initiatives.

There are no direct competitors. This Oola webpage is a unique product, but still, there are some opportunities on the main domain.

Some fixes over the google analytics code can help other services like Alexa or services that make comparative data activities to give real data for a deep understanding of the online users.

Oola hasn't opted for a paid media approach since the creation of its domains.

Since all the traffic is organic, there still some opportunities around SEO strategies, like compile all the information on one domain, and use all the organic or future paid effort for one website.

Taking a quick look at tools that measure the accessibility for people with disabilities, there were other fixes to make around the code to give a better experience.
I had to work in Miro and Figma, plus give some UX references to the client, because he wanted to be immersed in all the activities, so I created a plan:
We created 4 Personas
Dr. Dave Braun and Dr. Troy Amdahl and I Sketched a lot. 
Let's see it as a lot of whiteboarding exercises with customer-centric and Design Thinking methodologies.
Some UX Flow Maps came up at this point.
Then some more Wireframing 
to help them understand the importance of the Architecture of Information, the definition of a sitemap, a minimum task to complete for an MVP, also the importance of breakpoints and always mobile-first.
Then a Marketing Firm from Oola Side jump in. 
We had an opportunity area there. A lack of digital experience from its Brand Department. So I started to suggest Digital style guides to add to its branding guides and arrange meetings with the Frontend Devs to align the Delivery. At some point, Oola Marketing took confidence and started crating HighFidelity and final screens. At this point, I give the project to another designer to finish the Delivery, always in the back, helping close gaps.
So here you have. 
The Final Product: www.oolalife.com
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