YAIWA Smartphone Design 2017
for Spirit Asian Company 

I started to work with this Asia Company on 2017. The first work was the brand identity for a Credit Card named "Spirit" so they ask me for this brand identity and packaging for a smartphone, so we call it YAIWA, packaging, some digital content for the smartphone like screen wallpapers & 3d renders for a high-end and low-end phones.

Now you are looking to a 3d render on Adobe Dimension CC of the final design for the high-end Phone: 
Because they wanted to expand the market to America (hopefully someday) we search for an easy pronunciation word because of languages phonetics so the first name was YAWA without an "I", but we finished using YAIWA.
Then the Company started to search alliances so we worked other boxes for IBERIA Airlines and a Box for Spirits "the travel account" with a smartphone ready to use over 130 countries.
and here the last 3d render of the Gift Boxes for the IBERIA Airlines alliance:
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